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Womens Diamond Stud Earrings

diamond stud earrings white gold

Diamonds are on the list of world's most valued purely natural means, not forgetting one of the more hugely sought after gemstones. Diamonds are naturally designed having an enormous wide range of properties, producing each individual unique diamond exclusive. The various doable combos of such properties figure out the overall excellent and value of a diamond. When most of the people believe of coloured stone jewelry, their minds change to rubies, sapphires, and emeralds as well as in most cases they'd be correct. Having said that, with the jewellery connoisseur, they ought to also contemplate probably the most gorgeous, brightest, and durable gemstone of all - the diamond! Authentic lab-grown diamonds have regularly supplied the tantalizing prospect of making the sweetness of correct, true diamond economical to jewelry fans all over the world.

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diamond stud earrings white gold Women’s diamond stud earrings became one of the most popular earrings among women. Section, diamond stud ear stud including earrings with a simple design but still beautiful when you use. Not only that, these model earrings are suitable for use at any moment. Although the price of diamond stud earrings ranges from about $ 199, the women want to have it.

Then, why do women really like Diamond stud earrings style?
First, almost all women love diamonds. And stud is a classic earring are still a priority and a favorite of many women. Diamond stud is one of the fashion that can not be replaced with the latest model earrings though. Two advantages of diamond earrings that have a strong appeal and as a luxury item.

You want to buy diamond stud earrings for women, but do not know which setting is best? Let’s see below which is the best diamond ear stud setting. But not many people know how to choose a good Diamond stud earrings based on its settings. When choosing Diamond stud earrings you have to choose rust from diamond, diamond quality, frame settings as well as the type of metal used. Here is some diamond ear stud settings stud you need to know before buying it. Here are some models of diamond stud studs with the best settings.

Set Diamond stud earrings
To get the best Diamond stud earrings for women usually depends on the prong setting or the bezel. Generally, stud earrings use 4 or 6 diamond stone support forks. With the number of forks is expected diamond stones will not quickly loose and disappear. In addition to the bezel setting can make diamond stud studs more beautiful. Setting a bezel that circles the diamonds can make diamond stones more secure and not easily separated.

Diamond stud earrings style
1. 4 prong setting
Diamond stud earring with 4 prong setting is the most commonly used and most popular type in the setting of this earring model. One of the reasons is this 4 prong setting is a kind of safe stud setting and diamonds can sparkle beautifully.
2. Martini style is a cone-shaped diamond stud like v. In this setting the diamond is made close to the ear and is like a martini glass when you see it from the side. The martini setting on diamond stud studs looks more stylish compared to the 4 prong setting. With a martini setting that only has 3 forks, it looks more beautiful when used on your ear. However, you need to be careful if one of the settings on this martini setting is broken, then the loss of diamonds becomes one of the possibilities you experience. So you need to check the diamond earrings stud setting at least twice a year to make sure the settings are still safe and good.

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3. Basket style is a diamond stud earrings arrangement that is shaped like a basket. This arrangement is arguably better than the martini arrangement.
4. Crown style on diamond stud earrings made with a flat base almost resembles a basketball arrangement.
5. Hello setting
If you like a more glamorous vintage appearance, then the halo arrangement on diamond stud earrings is perfect for you. Setting a halo to diamond stud earrings not only makes your style more vintage, but the diamonds on the earrings will look bigger. So, diamond stud studs with halo arrangements are generally more expensive than other settings.
6. Cluster setting
The cluster arrangement of the stud diamond earrings is almost similar to the hello setting. However, the diamond-size clusters are all the same. If the halo setting makes the price more expensive, on the contrary for cluster settings. Where you can further save your money for diamond stud earrings.
7. Bezel setting
Diamond earrings with bezel settings look more modern, sleek, and elegant. Setting the bezel became one of the settings that many women love. The advantages of bezel setting are diamonds will feel safe because it is surrounded by metal, so it will not disappear.
The metal used in diamond stud earrings for women
Generally, diamond earrings always use white gold as earrings. However, the use of yellow and platinum gold was widely used by some people. The use of white gold, yellow gold and platinum will depend on your taste and budget. The reason, platinum has a more expensive price compared with white gold and yellow gold. In addition, platinum has good resistance for a long time.
Diamond stud earrings for women best setting
• The best stone position category, martini style is one of the best choices for diamond stud earrings. This is because the martini style makes the diamond look bigger
• Earring diamond stud with cheap price, regardless of what style, diamond stud earrings with a cheap price you can choose that uses the golden frame. In addition, you can also choose a diamond with a lower color due to the effects of the gold frame
• Endurance category, platinum is the best stud diamond stud arrangement if you want a durable and durable earring. Although this metal can also be scratched, but still better than gold
• Security category, when viewed in terms of security, bezel setting is the safest setting for your diamond stones.

Well, after learning the diamond stud earrings stud, now you can choose a variety of diamond stud earrings according to your likes.


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