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1.50 CARAT CUSHION DIAMOND COLOR F-4 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

Joy Alukkas Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are on the list of world's most valued natural assets, as well as one of the more very sought after gemstones. Diamonds are by natural means designed by having an massive assortment of features, creating every single individual diamond exceptional. The many feasible combinations of these features decide the general top quality and worth of a diamond. When plenty of people feel of coloured stone jewellery, their minds convert to rubies, sapphires, and emeralds and in most instances they'd be right. On the other hand, for the jewellery connoisseur, they need to also think about probably the most lovely, brightest, and durable gemstone of all - the diamond! Serious lab-grown diamonds have constantly supplied the tantalizing prospect of creating the wonder of genuine, genuine diamond very affordable to jewellery fans worldwide.

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1.50 CARAT CUSHION DIAMOND COLOR F with price $9,071
Interested wiyh 1.50 CARAT CUSHION DIAMOND COLOR F cut Very Good and clarity VS2 please call QUESTIONS? Call 1.888.9RITANI or chat now M-F8am-MidnightSat10am-7pmSunNoon-9pm (all times EST)

1.50 CARAT CUSHION DIAMOND COLOR F4 Carat Oval Diamond Ring SKU: #D-N6F9VF description

An antique romantic cut, the cushion’s large open facets emphasize color and clarity. The most popular proportion is a slight rectangle of 1.10-1.20 length to width.
Colorless. Lowest of the ‘colorless’ grades, an F-color diamond has been established by the gemologist that its color cannot be viewed with the unaided eye. The diamond will look beautiful set in a white gold, gold, or platinum engagement ring, and will produce beautiful, white sparkle. F and G colored diamonds are the most in demand.


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