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THE BEST 9K SI Diamond Gold Ring (Cavill) – Princess Cut Black Diamond Engagement Rings,Gis Diamond Certification,Diamond Lamborghini

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Diamonds are among the list of world's most valued normal methods, as well as probably the most remarkably desired gemstones. Diamonds are by natural means created having an great variety of properties, building every single particular person diamond distinctive. The numerous doable combinations of those properties decide the overall quality and price of the diamond. When the majority of people think of coloured stone jewelry, their minds convert to rubies, sapphires, and emeralds as well as in most cases they might be ideal. On the other hand, with the jewelry connoisseur, they need to also take into account by far the most gorgeous, brightest, and sturdy gemstone of all - the diamond! Actual lab-grown diamonds have frequently supplied the tantalizing prospect of constructing the beauty of true, authentic diamond economical to jewelry enthusiasts throughout the world.

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THE BEST 9K SI Diamond Gold Ring (Cavill) with price £399

THE BEST 9K SI Diamond Gold Ring (Cavill) description

Name 9K SI Diamond Gold Ring (Cavill) Brand Rocks & Co. Gemstone Diamond Gemstone variety SI Diamond Cut Faceted Cut detailed Round Cut Gemstone Colour white/colourless Setting Prong Quantity Centre Stones 30 Carat Weight Centre Stone 0,19 ct Quantity Gemstones 43 Carat Weight Sum 0,25 ct Size Centre Stone 1,1 Origin Centre Stone Africa Sixth Stone SI Diamond Cut sixth Stone Round Cut Setting sixth Stone Prong Carat Weight sixth Stone 0,06 ct Quantity sixth Stone 13 Size sixth Stone 1 Origin sixth Stone Africa Precious Metal Gold Metal Weight 1,4 g Alloy 9K Gold Design Band Jewellery Type Rings
Item Number: 4589NN


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